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Power of Email in Omnichannel Communication

Unlock the Power of Email in Omnichannel Communications

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Great customer experiences (CX) drive brand loyalty and, ultimately, company growth. When your customers have a good experience, conversion rates grow and resolutions increase across the board. One of the simplest ways to achieve a better customer experience is by implementing a fully functional omnichannel communication system within your contact center. Omnichannel solutions like email provide alternate communication channels to consumers to give them every opportunity to connect with your organization in the way most comfortable and convenient for them, improving the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Improved CX with Email

Due to the rapidly growing bias toward alternate communication channels, offering additional channels is no longer optional if you want to remain in good standing with your customers. An omnichannel email solution gives contact centers much-needed customization in creating and delivering personalized messaging for each consumer. This messaging allows you to connect with your clients better and drives faster response times, resulting in more resolved concerns. Emails also have the added benefit of including file attachments if transferring documents or additional information is needed.

Email: A Cost-Effective Communication Channel

There are many costs when it comes to running a contact center, from staffing and office space to training. Often there isn’t money to spare. Email provides an easy way to cut back on costs within your organization. Emails can be set up to send automatically over the weekend without needing an operator to be present. They can be sent to as many or as few individuals as you want, to anywhere in the world. All while simultaneously eliminating the need to staff large numbers of agents to make calls to convey the same information. Some omnichannel email solutions, like TCN’s, don’t charge per email, so aside from the limitations set by regulations, contact centers can send as many emails as they want to communicate with consumers. The ability to instantly handle high contact volumes also drastically reduces staffing and training costs for any contact center.

Implementing Email as a Communication Channel

Though an omnichannel email solution can enhance customer experiences, improve contact center efficiency and reduce costs within a contact center, it does not come without its challenges. New ways to derail these developments arise whenever there is a new advancement or adaptation of technology. While once you could call any number and get an answer, now, due to caller ID and call screening, it is easier than ever to avoid calls. The same is happening with email. When sending emails to consumers, contact centers must be aware of spam filters that can divert emails away from the inbox and cause them never to reach the consumer.

A few ways to mitigate this risk include:

  • Personalizing each email with the customer’s name and relevant information from their account (while remaining regulation compliant).
  • Using clear subject lines to indicate the email’s subject and intent
  • Write in a concise and professional tone to help the message come across more favorably. 

By following these best practices, contact centers can increase the likelihood that customers will read their emails, leading to higher engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, increased operations. With automated and integrated analytics, contact centers can also track metrics to help improve efficiency and effectiveness within a campaign and across the organization.

From start to finish, each contact center campaign, regardless of channel or audience, is a delicate balance between efficiency, cost and effectiveness. Omnichannel solutions, such as email, provide enhanced efficiency and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of traditional calls, with minimal drawbacks. They allow for mass communication, personalized messaging, improved customer experiences and the opportunity to connect like never before. These elements, along with the cost-benefits, speak for themselves and make adopting omnichannel solutions a no-brainer.

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