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Predictive Dialers

Predictive Dialers: The Non-negotiable Tool for Call Center Success

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

If you are looking to gain or maintain a competitive edge in the call center industry, using a predictive dialer is non-negotiable. It is not feasible for agents to hand-dial eight-digit phone numbers, then wait for either a person or their voicemail to answer — then rinse and repeat until a conversation is actually had.

While predictive dialing is a tool that automatically dials phone numbers, it is not a tool that simply enables spam calling. Rather, it is a solution that intelligently predicts how many calls are needed to keep your agents busy and then intelligently feeds those calls to agents at the ready. Thus, not only is your time being used as effectively as possible, your agents’ downtime is decreased to almost zero.

Because agents are the largest cost call centers face, this increase in agent engagement is they most efficient way to cut costs in your call center. Additionally, if more conversations are happening, your revenue will naturally increase.

Why choose TCN’s Predictive Dialer?

But of all the predictive dialers in the call center industry, why go with TCN’s?

TCN connects agents to customers faster than any other competitor. This is important because if the connection lags, there is a higher risk for customers to hang up while they wait for an agent to speak with them. TCN’s quick connect means a lower abandonment rate for your call center.

Using a predictive dialer is fairly standard practice within the call center industry because it enables you to accomplish the same amount of work with less agents, all while increasing your customer satisfaction. But what about the one thing call centers can never forget about: compliance? 

What you need to know about predictive dialer compliance

Getting started with using a predictive dialier is simple: just upload your contact list and your agents are ready to be connected with consumers. While using a predictive dialer to enhance your outbound performance and keep agents engaged sounds easy, there are also many caveats. And, like anyone even remotely involved in call centers knows, compliance is one of those caveats. 

It is wise for call centers to make compliance a priority to avoid hefty fines. In the past, using predictive dialers may have felt more risky because what was and was not an auto dialer was unclear.

Luckily, because Facebook v. Duguid explicitly defined an autodialer as that which randomly generates numbers to call, a predictive dialer does not count as an autodialer. As long as call centers are following regulations such as avoiding prerecorded messages without prior consent and steering clear of individuals on the Do Not Call list, call centers can remain compliant.

TCN takes the stress out of compliance by making it easy for you to obtain and maintain consent and regularly scrub your contact lists. However, for those still wanting to tread on the especially safe side, clients can choose to combine TCN’s Predictive Dialer with its Manually Approved Calling, which allows call centers to use human intervention to double-check that the numbers they are dialing are safe to contact.

Enhance your call center’s outbound performance 

By streamlining your outbound efforts with a predictive dialer, you eliminate the wasted time that comes from agents making fruitless outbound calls and instead spend time having conversations that translate into greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue — all while cutting costs by increasing your agent engagement.

Request a demo to learn how TCN’s Predictive Dialer can help your call center experience all of these benefits today.

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