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TCN predictive dialers

How TCN’s Predictive Dialer Gives You An Edge Over Your Competitors

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For an outbound call center, streamlining all operations is an organization’s dream. Gone are the days of agents spending time manually dialing thousands of numbers that lead to little to no success.

Call centers relying on these tactics are losing out on the benefits of cloud-based software. Your organization must utilize agents’ time spent on the phone with the people that matter most — your customers.

How TCN’s Predictive Dialer Gets The Job Done

As agents spend time with customers rather than manually dialing numbers, analytics will show an increased level of agent efficiency.

Wasted time only leads to financial loss. High labor costs and low conversion rates halter the potential for further scalability.

Further scalability is possible thanks to TCN’s call center software compatibility with agents that WFH. This minimizes the need for additional IT technology that can end up complicating operations more than helping.

A predictive dialer helps call centers enjoy the benefits of automatic services that give their organization an edge over their competitors.

Predictive dialers can be used to dial multiple pre-loaded numbers for customers at the same time. This helps reduce callback time by automatically routing a customer to an agent.

When agents finish a call, they are automatically routed to the next person. This seamless transition helps agents and managers focus on customer results without worrying about dialing the next customer manually.

Predictive Dialer Reduces Compliance Risk

Organizations may find themselves trying to balance excellent customer service and potential compliance risk. An organization’s worst nightmare is becoming involved with compliance risk that could’ve been easily avoided with the right tools.

TCN’s Predictive Dialer automatically provides agents with compliance tools such as the Do Not Call (DNC) Lists and call notes. These are available on Agent Gateway — TCN’s agent interface for easy communication.

Call Centers On The Lookout For The Right Tools

Every day, call centers are looking for the right solutions to help them make smarter decisions. Along with TCN’s other cloud-based solutions, the Predictive Dialer is the next step to improve agent efficiency and performance.

Some call centers may still be stuck to punching in every number every day. TCN’s Predictive Dialer provides managers the ability to streamline all outbound call operations to an automatic software.

See how one of TCN’s clients has benefited from Predictive Dialer on their road to success:

“Since we have utilized TCN as a tool for our collectors here at National Bureau Collection Corp. They have connected more via the dialer versus manual calling. The advantage that they have is being able to schedule calls according to their needs. Also, we have been able to review accounts quickly by marking the accounts Bad Numbers, Fax Signal, No answer, etc. This is a great tool for any agency to use for more success.”

-Valencia McClellan, Client Service Manager for National Bureau Collection Corp

TCN’s Predictive Dialer can help your organization make it to the top of your industry.

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