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Contact Center Technology

Contact Center Technology to Improve Your ROI

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Spencer Peterson

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Contact center technology is quickly advancing, and it is up to you to keep up and stay ahead of the competition. Today’s agencies understand the benefits of using cloud-based technologies to increase right-party contacts, agent efficiency and first-contact resolutions. Improve your ROI by bypassing the pitfalls of human error and keeping your contact center compliant with the best contact center technology.

Self-service with Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is an automatic phone system that provides self-service or direction options to callers before they connect to an agent or when they call outside regular office hours. Options offered to callers can range from checking and paying an account balance or confirming an appointment date, to choosing to be transferred to a specific department. Giving callers the freedom and opportunity to call on their time and select what they need, increases the chances for first contact resolution while decreasing wasted agent time and improving the overall customer experience.

Stay connected with Omnichannel communications

In the fast-paced environment of contact centers, time is everything and communicating with your consumers should be fast, easy and painless. TCN notifications use phone, SMS and email in a cloud-based system to connect organizations with consumers instantly worldwide. No matter the difference, consumers can receive notices within seconds — ensuring your messages reach your contacts efficiently.

Not only can messages be sent any day, at any time and instantly, but call lists can be segmented, allowing businesses to split lists based on location, age and other categories. This allows contact centers to ensure the process is more precise and efficient to improve customer satisfaction and cost allocation.

Fine-tune efficiency with Automatic Call Distribution 

Connecting consumers with agents is one of the main functions of contact center software, and connecting them with the correct agent is essential. Each time a caller connects to an agent that can resolve their concerns without the need for escalation or department transfers, contact centers save time and money, and strengthen customer loyalty. Automatic Call Distribution intelligently directs calls to agents based on availability and expertise to help ensure that callers get the answers they need the first time and enables agents to handle more calls than they could have otherwise. 

Keep calls flowing with predictive dialing 

A Predictive Dialer keeps your call center agents connected with a continuous stream of calls automatically dialed when the software detects a call coming to an end. The connection to the consumer is instantaneous without any delay or pauses. The agents are provided with the account information to jump right in to provide a customized customer service experience. 

Optimize every interaction with Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement (WFE) combines the staffing insights of Workforce Management (WFM) with the compliance analysis and training tools of Workforce Optimization (WFO) to optimize contact center operations through increased compliance, productivity and revenue. Contact center technology is not only for managing calls; it also needs to mitigate compliance risks and augment agent efficiency.

Contact centers can now automatically analyze call volume history to predict staffing needs and avoid costly over or understaffing, while simultaneously scanning for and flagging each compliance risk that can be converted into a training opportunity. Doing so brings your agents to the next level and helps you avoid future penalty fees and lawsuits.

The bottom line is that capitalizing on advanced contact center technology is essential to maximizing a contact center’s ROI. Technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced. If you don’t keep up, you will quickly grow outdated. Cloud-based providers offer the fastest and easiest onboarding processes that provide more for less money.

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