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Call Center Software: Unlocking Net Promoter Score Gains

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Call center software generates easy-to-asses Net promoter scores (NPS) – one of the most popular customer satisfaction surveys used across all businesses in all industries.

It’s popularity is easily explained:

Companies with the highest NPS scores can receive up to 24% of their revenue from expansion compared to companies with the lowest NPS scores, and only about 9% of their revenue being generated from expansion.

In that vein, we’ll show you the basics of a net promoter score, why it’s so beneficial, and how to implement it in call centers.

Next, we’ll take it a step further and reveal how call center software can unlock higher NPS scores for contact centers who want big wins in customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Net Promoter Score?

Net promoter score first appeared in an article in Harvard Business Review titled, The One Number You Need to Grow.

The article illustrates the power of measuring the net promoter score by telling a story of the CEO of Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Andy Taylor. It was he who first discovered how to measure customer loyalty without fancy or complicated surveys. Instead, he used a single question:

“How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to a friend, family member, or colleague?”

Customers taking the survey were provided with a scale of 1-10 to choose from, but sending this survey was only part of his genius. Next comes measuring the results.

How Is Net Promoter Score Calculated?

After customers answer the NPS survey with a number from 1 through 10, 1 being extremely unlikely and 10 being extremely likely, scores are segmented into 3 categories:

  1. Detractors
  2. Passives
  3. Promoters

Customers with an answer of 1-6 are Detractors. They’re unlikely to spread the good word about the company they interacted with, or worse, they’ll dissuade people from patronizing them.

Customers with an answer of 7 or 8 are Passives. They’re satisfied but unenthusiastic about the service they receive. They won’t harm a call center’s reputation, but they won’t spread the brand either.

Customers with an answer of 9 or 10 are Promoters. They’re the crème de la crème of survey respondents. They’re enthusiastic, motivated, and loyal customers who want nothing more than to help grow the businesses that serve them so well. They’re highly likely to market businesses they love through word-of-mouth, and call centers can be sure these people are satisfied after hanging up the phone.

Speaking about promoters, Qualtrix found that they are almost 4.2 times more likely to make another purchase, 5.6 times more likely to forgive a mistake, and 7.2 times more likely to try a new product/service from the same company.

It’s no wonder why multinational’s like Citibank use this as one of their top rep performance metrics.

How to Use Net Promoter Score in a Contact Center

Since most customers are contacting call centers in specific instances, and rather infrequently, an NPS survey should be presented as a choice after each interaction until a solid sample is obtained for each agent and department.

Cloud-based call center software can automate this process and send an NPS survey until you’ve got a satisfactory sample.

Similarly, customers receiving help through email should be sent an NPS survey after their ticket is closed, and the same applies to a text message or chatbot interaction.

If call centers want to make this survey a bit more advanced, they can add the question “why?” immediately following the primary NPS question.

Answering the question “why?” shouldn’t be mandatory, but plenty of customers will opt to answer it, and their answers will provide a much deeper understanding of their psychology and the customer service they’re receiving.

How Call Center Software Unlocks Higher Net Promoter Scores

Some call center net promoter scores will be low.

Not to worry.

With the following call center software features, they can easily raise their scores.

Listen to Customer Calls

If managers want to understand how to improve the customer experience (and thereby raise their net promoter score), they can record calls between agents and customers.

This allows them to identify problems with scripts and gives a better handle on customer complaints and the agents which underperform.

Take a Peek at Desktop Workflows

The latest in contact center tech workflow recording will save a live audio recording paired with a video of the agent’s activity on the screen. You’ll get a fast track to pulling back the curtain on any agent’s activities, giving you insight into problematic procedures, integrations, systems, or even if the agent needs a refresher.

How to Know If Call Center Software Can Deliver High ROI

Just like the insights you need into your agents, every contact needs the quickest ROI possible on their investments – especially in new software.

That’s why we put together this guide on getting the quickest returns with award-winning cloud call center software.

To see how to implement from day one and start satisfying customers, then click here to download the guide for free.

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