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TCN Presents the Benefits of the Cloud Based Call Center at ACA International 2017

At the 2017 ACA International Convention, TCN’s Bryce Payne, Business Development, and Hyrum Wray, Executive Sales Manager, shared how cloud based call centers work wonders for customer-facing communications and debt collection efforts. The two also offered insight into why the cloud is a must in today’s fast-paced and heavily regulated world, as well as how cloud contact center solutions enhance agent efficiency and enable compliance.

The Modern Call Center

When TCN says “the modern call center,” it means the cloud based call center. The cloud delivers enormous impacts to businesses and organizations in every market vertical. For example, the cloud provides almost unlimited scalability—a quality suited to organizations boasting geographically dispersed locations or a remote workforce. The cloud can reduce operational expenses, too, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as deliver always-on capabilities that power “anywhere, anytime” communications and service.

In relation to cloud contact center solutions such as TCN’s award-winning platform, the cloud translates to benefits.

1. Inbound, outbound, and blended calls. Agents use blended calls to have a larger impact on collections.
2. Predictive dialing, combined with a manual-dial only option. Agents remain compliant with standards through predictive and manual dial call options.
3. Call recording. Recordings can be easily paused to keep personal data private and secure, and reviewed to assess compliance and procedural accuracy.
4. Automated cell phone scrub. The platform automatically roots out cell phone numbers, increasing adherence to state and federal regulations.
5. Skills-based routing. Customers reach the agent who can answer their question, which facilitates higher first-call resolution (FCR).
6. Agent dashboard. Agents can quickly notate call details and important compliance steps, and can track their performance and find ways to be more efficient, productive, and effective.
7. Manager monitoring. Managers can monitor calls and “barge in” on difficult ones, thereby aiding agents with their day-to-day responsibilities.
8. API Integrations. TCN’s platform works with a number of third-party applications, creating a unified contact center solution.

Collection agencies and other companies that take advantage of those platform-specific benefits see lowered operational costs, more efficient and compliant agents, and communications that keep pace with customer demand.

Collection Agencies and Cloud Contact Center Solutions
After finishing their perspective on the modern call center and its potential impact on collection agencies, Wray and Payne addressed concerns about TCPA compliance, and suggested several ways compliance can be enhanced through TCN’s cloud based call center software.

For example, collection agencies could employ the Compliance Suite, a TCN value-add component. The suite integrates with the cloud contact center platform, helping agencies lock down IP addresses and make calls without transgressing regulations. Wray and Payne added that to be most effective, agencies should implement a training program that regularly reinforces compliance efforts.

Wray and Payne also recommended using the Agent Gateway, a dashboard that tracks performance as a way to monitor program completion rates and assess program efficacy. Transparent reporting can motivate agents to develop their skills and maintain peak performance and compliance.

They concluded by explaining how API integrations enable superior collections. By integrating payment solutions and CRM tools, collection agencies can better track customers across lifecycles, resulting in not only timely payments but also improved customer satisfaction scores.

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