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The Importance of Unleashing the Benefits of Business Intelligence in your Call Center

Call center business Intelligence

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Author: McKay Bird

Data and business intelligence reporting is becoming more crucial to how a call center operates and makes critical decisions. Day in and day out, managers and business owners are swamped with endless amounts of data points, agent dispositions, transactions, call recordings, IVR, average handle and hold times, and the list goes on.

Gathering and analyzing this data within spreadsheets is a common predicament for all businesses, not just call centers. This can be an overwhelming task for many, considering the many data points needed to analyze one aspect of business — like YoY revenue growth.

Using Spreadsheets Is The Old Way
Difficult to manage, non-collaborative, and susceptible to human error are just a few disadvantages to using spreadsheets. Is your business among them? If so, you’re missing out on opportunities that come with using a business intelligence solution while automating reporting tasks.

Let’s take a look at some benefits.

Benefits That Unleash Your Call Centers Potential

1. Improve accuracy of data. Data needs to be brought into a spreadsheet in order for it to be usable and actionable, further implicating the accuracy of the data. Due to the amount of data a call center processes each day, you’ll likely run into processing errors or crashing applications, amounting to a loss in work.

Call centers need to act on data immediately. In order to improve your customer experience, insights like average hold time should be acted on in real-time. Anything past even one week could be too late for any data-driven decisions to be made.

Business intelligence tools simplify the data collection process, ensure accuracy, and provide actionable information.

2. Quickly forecast and predict. With business intelligence, your call center can predict specific, measurable outcomes. For small to mid-sized call centers that are looking to grow, knowing monthly or even weekly trends will help with knowing where to allocate growth resources.

3. Measure agent and operational performance. Business intelligence offers your call center the opportunity to dive deeper into individual agents, addressing any issues that arise before they become serious. This unique approach can also reveal a gold mine of data and information on your best-performing agents — offering an opportunity to replicate performance indicators for additional agent training. These types of indicators would be impossible to find gleaning over a spreadsheet.

4. Save time. No longer will you or your team be tied down by late nights or long weekends at the office, analyzing and compiling data. Business intelligence is visual, real-time, and accurate. With all your extra time, you may even pick up crochet.

5. Keep your data secure at the point of origin. Compliance and security are built-in with TCN Business Intelligence. Limit errors and compliance exposure risks by keeping all data points at the source. Continued validation of compliance status and rules will keep your call center humming.

Making sense of all that data doesn’t need to be hard. Learn to use it effectively with our Rise to the Top Instead of Drowning in Information infographic.

About the Author: McKay Bird

Mckay Bird is the Chief Marketing Officer for TCN, a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Mckay oversees all marketing operations, campaigns and conferences including; content production, email marketing, and other inbound marketing activities.