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Improving Agent Efficiency at Collection-based Call Centers

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Collection-based call center managers provide leadership, cutting-edge initiatives, strategically-mapped directives, and creative solutions as challenges arise. You strive to help your team achieve a solid remittance commitment from severely troubled and/or delinquent debtor accounts while adhering to industry protocols. One way to increase remittance is by improving agent efficiency, which helps accomplish several additional goals:

    • Enhances employee engagement,
    • Increases productivity, and
    • Produces a higher success rate with collections.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve agent efficiency is by implementing TCN’s cloud-based call center technology. Here’s why:

TCN’s predictive dialing + Agent Gateway work in sync with agents.

TCN’s predictive dialing system automatically dials groups of phone numbers, and when a live person (versus a recording) is detected at the other end of the call, the system immediately passes the call on to an available agent. The agent hears a specific tone denoting that the consumer has said “Hello,” and TCN’s Agent Gateway feature enables the agent to see information about the consumer and his/her account on the screen.

The predictive dialing + Agent Gateway system helps improve agent efficiency in several ways, among them:

    • There’s no more (frustrating) wasted calls made. Instant rollovers to voice mails, empty households, disconnected lines, wrong parties, and busy signals are the bane of call center agents. With predictive dialing, call center agents experience no “down time” with calls that don’t go through. Add up those previously wasted hours, and you’ve saved a great deal of man hours – and money. TCN’s system automatically filters unqualified or “do not call” numbers, further increasing efficiency by making every call count.

    • There’s more time for coaching. By eliminating all the wasted time it takes to make calls that don’t connect, your agents will have more time to spend with you as you help hone their customer interaction skills.

TCN’s conditional dialing and sequential dialing make every call count.

All the calls that didn’t connect the first round don’t get dropped or lost forever; instead, TCN’s technology enables you to create customizable dialing strategies. Now, calls that generated busy signals or no answers will automatically be redialed to ensure those customers will be contacted at some point. This further allows your agents to work efficiently by not having to manually dial numbers themselves where no connection was previously made. The system takes care of that for them.

TCN’s free call recording feature enables ongoing, real-time training for your agents.

If your agents don’t ever hear areas where they could be improving, it takes longer to correct any potential issues. With TCN’s call recording feature, all debtor and agent conversations are automatically recorded, further ensuring exceptional customer service and agent efficiency.

TCN’s machine detection and voicemail detection features eliminate individual messages.

Being efficient means working smarter, not harder. TCN’s technology will leave a prerecorded message when the debtor’s phone allows, completely eliminating the time it would take for your agents to leave live messages.

As inspiring, empowering, and motivating as you may be as a call center manager, it’s challenging to successfully create and sustain a highly efficient work environment without state-of-the-art resources and top-of-the-line technology to support your efforts. TCN’s call center software not only helps your team of agents be more efficient, it also provides you with all the advanced reporting and analytics you’ll need to keep your reporting responsibilities as current and efficient as your staff.

Download the TCPA Compliance Checklist eBook to keep your agents and call center on track with the new TCPA regulations.

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