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Tips For Call Center Agents Working From Home

Call Center Software Tips for the Best At-Home Agents

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

Before we get too far into our call center tips for at-home agents, I’d first like to recognize all of our clients for the huge effort made to accomplish an at-home agent workforce (WFH) earlier in 2020. The entire TCN team was right there to help make that transition smooth. We understand that for many, this is not a permanent solution, only a means to an end. 

Although there were challenges, as expected, TCN contributed to its customers’ overall success over the last year. Many faced challenges like increased inbound calls, decreased management visibility, and unprecedented scale — but our customers overcame and saw success during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a couple of examples.

On the front lines

“Using an on-premise solution, a large healthcare organization strapped on technology and the ability to scale, turned to TCN’s call center software. With over 25 locations, TCN’s cloud software was able to streamline a WFH agent transition while keeping patient interactions a top priority. The performance analytic dashboards helped keep everyone humming.”

Rapid deployment regardless of location and size

“With no cloud solution in place and under a national lockdown, BankBazaar turned to TCN’s call center software to power 250 WFH agents. With shortages in headsets, computers, and other peripherals, agents used headphones and cell phones to handle inbound calls. This was only possible because TCN software does not require hardware of any kind — only an internet-connected device and headset.”

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These examples set a framework for what is possible when agents are given the proper tools, training, and tips — helping them be their best even when the pressure is high. 

Tips for At-Home Agents

Once agents are able to work remotely it isn’t always smooth sailing from there. It takes motivation and dedication to be able to work from home effectively. One issue with working from home is having no manager to keep agents motivated. 

I’ve outlined several call center tips your agents need in order to succeed in any environment, especially at home.

Set Boundaries

Distractions are everywhere at home. A phone ringing, doorbell, kids, school, etc. It is important to not only have dedicated boundaries (work-life balance), but a routine and schedule that works for you and your family. 

Disruptions can be avoided with a set schedule and work location. You could start by placing sticky notes on your front or office door indicating that you are “at work” and can’t talk. Sometimes small chitchats at the door can lead to 30-minute (or longer) conversations. And remember, always avoid working from bed or couch.

Set Priorities

Similar to boundaries, priorities are important for accomplishing tasks. Don’t tackle personal to-do lists like dishes or laundry between meetings and vice versa. Always have clear priorities for both work and home. Doing so will help you have a healthy balance.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Create a feeling of “going to work” by having a spot or area in your home that is dedicated to call center agent work. Organize it with the right chair and desk and make it inviting. Along with setting boundaries and priorities, this space will make it easy for leaving work at work.

Communicate With Others

Both living and working in the same environment can make you feel disconnected from the rest of the team. Transparency and communication are key to alleviate the disconnect, and for a call center, the at-home agent workforce feels like more an integral part of the team. To improve productivity from home, take advantage of internal chat applications that make staying in touch a breeze. In addition to staying productive, these tools offer a great way to connect with co-workers that you may not see on a regular basis in the break room. 

Setting boundaries, priorities, and having clear communication will help you balance your day and can go a long way once implemented.

The best call center agents need the best call center software.

Providing the best customer service is, no doubt, the top of the mind of every organization. As more call centers pivot and adjust operational strategies to the cloud and specifically at-home agents, many business owners are realizing that this can be done with TCN. 

TCN offers a robust set of software solutions making it easy to scale while limiting increased costs. Our software enables remote work and easy-to-use dashboards that can help your business stay ahead. Regardless of any pandemic.

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