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TCN Now Offering Cyborg Consulting – Free

It isn’t every day that one gets offered Cyborgs…for free. TCN Inc., a leading provider of interactive voice messaging and predictive dialing, announced today its offer of free consulting services to all clients. In this current day of advanced technologies, business fundamentals are often overlooked. Companies lack the manpower or initiative to ensure they are not spinning their wheels. The most overlooked fundamental is Return On Investment (ROI).

ROI is so fundamental because it indicates whether one is spending more money on a particular aspect of one’s business than one is earning from it. As simple as it sounds, calculating ROI is often a difficult task. Because so many pieces of a modern call center are provided by partners and vendors, managers and executives often just press on in ignorant bliss, or simply impose arbitrary budget caps on different divisions and vendor expenditures. Budgets or expenditure plans are predicated only on past revenue and future revenue goals, ignoring entirely one of the most effective ways of increasing profitability: decreasing costs. In almost every case, businesses could have generated the same revenue while spending less. Padres de familia called it working smarter, not harder. TCN, in an act of filial piety, has heeded this advice and is now offering services and tools to make sure clients are getting the most bang for their buck.

Cyborg Consulting melds together human experience and automated equipment to squeeze the most out of clients’ customer contact technology. Human experience is something that cannot be imitated by automated processes, and it is something that often costs more at market prices than can be justified. Automated technology helps decrease the costs associated with human experience (and FTEs in general) by quickly and easily completing repetitive and often difficult processes.

TCN’s Cyborg Consulting offers clients TCN’s formidable collection of human experience in call technology along with some basic but powerful automated tools to measure client ROI and adjust processes to ensure clients are getting a desirable ROI. Three TCN executives have been handpicked to provide the human element of consulting services: James Truax, who consulted for Deloitte and owned his own IT company, will work as a general consultant in all TCN verticals; Michael Joubran, who has worked in collections for a dozen years as a dialer and portfolio manager, will serve the collections vertical with his extensive experience and knowledge of the primary debtor management software systems; and Robert Keele, who holds a BS and a MA in economics from Cambridge University, will serve as a general consultant and numbers wizard.

These executives’ expertise and experience are enhanced by TCN’s automated ROI report, which generates a per-portfolio and per-campaign report of cost per minute, cost per linkback, cost per linkback minute, cost per agent minute, cost per right party contact, cost per promise to pay, cost per survey completed, and any other customizable metric imaginable. After a client runs several campaigns to provide TCN’s consultants with sufficient data, the consultants will work with clients to ascertain the revenue generated from those campaigns. These revenue numbers will be compared to the costs each campaign or portfolio accrued, individuated as much as possible to per-call metrics, as well as to more comprehensive per-portfolio metrics. These ROI comparisons will be as sophisticated and inclusive as client information allows, factoring in FTE and related equipment costs if necessary.

Ultimately, TCN consultants know the TCN technology best. TCN generates greater profits and is a better company when its clients are satisfied and will remain long-term users of TCN technology. TCN ROI is best served by providing clients extremely valuable consulting services for free. Make it a resolution to take advantage of them.

For more information, or to begin a free test of TCN technology and consulting services, please call 866.745.1900, email TCN at consulting(at)tcnbroadcasting(dot)com, or request a demo.

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