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TCN Launches Voices Analytics to Improve Agent Performance and Increase Efficiency of Contact Center Operations

ST. GEORGE, Utah – May 25, 2021 – TCN, Inc., a global provider of a comprehensive cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies, today announced the launch of its Voice Analytics, a set of advanced tools for search and discovery combined with automated call transcription and reduction. The new set of tools, offered initially as a free 60-day trial, includes a highly flexible search engine for quickly and easily finding and retrieving calls through free-form combinations of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures and call metadata.

“Our new Voice Analytics tools can help to reveal the deep business insights that are hidden inside every customer interaction,” said Jesse Bird, chief technology officer of TCN. “By retrieving and extracting information from customer interactions over the phone, TCN Voice Analytics uses advanced speech recognition technology to identify certain words, phrases and even the amount of silence on a call to help your organization better understand your customers.”

TCN’s Voice Analytics uses audio from recorded calls and converts them into structured data for searching and analyzing. The set of tools also utilize other associated data, such as customer profile information or when the customer interaction occurred. As the audio goes through the speech recognition system, a text transcript is extracted from the call.

In addition to providing full text transcripts for every call, TCN’s Voice Analytics provides enterprise-level engagement analytics and seamless integration into TCN Operator, TCN’s flagship contact center platform. Its features include advanced search and filtering, enterprise-grade speech recognition and transcription, contextual call playback data, tagging and commenting, transcript visualization and full Payment Card Industry (PCI) redaction.

TCN Voice Analytics’ benefits include:

  • Increased Contact Center Efficiency: Discovering long calls and high silences with Voice Analytics helps reduce average handle time (AHT). Increase first-call resolution (FCR) by searching for repeat call language and analyzing short calls.
  • Improved Agent Performance: TCN’s Voice Analytics capabilities help identify areas for improvement and simplify the playback review process by searching for undesired behavior and tag calls for reviewing later 
  • Better Customer Experience: Conducting incident analysis with TCN’s Voice Analytics helps identify instances of customer dissatisfaction and allows call centers to improve customer experience.
  • Reduced Risk & Compliance: TCN’s Voice Analytics allows call centers to find and analyze calls with problematic language, which helps lower the likelihood of fines and lawsuits.

TCN’s powerful search and discovery tools combined with automated call transcription and reduction deliver insights for improving call center operations, customer experience, agent training and compliance.

TCN is offering Voice Analytics as a free 60-day trial. For more information, go to

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