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TCN Introduces No-Hassle Manual Dialing to Automated Call Campaigns

St. George, UT—TCN Inc. announced today the release of its Manual Dialing component to its Agent Gateway automated dialing campaigns.

Although technology often liberates and empowers, it can concomitantly restrict. Take, for example, call agents logged in to an automated inbound-outbound call campaign. A promising interaction with a customer ends abruptly when that customer loses cell phone reception. The technological wonder that enabled the call agent to contact the customer in the first place now inhibits a follow-up: logged in to a campaign, the call agent cannot manually dial the customer’s cell phone number.

Small price to pay for keeping agents on task and for the huge efficiency bump such automated call campaigns provide? TCN engineers did not think so. Now, TCN clients can have their cake and eat it too: by allowing agents tethered to call campaigns to dial manual numbers—without logging out—when the need arises.

“By simply clicking a button, inputting or pasting the customer’s phone number, and selecting the destination country, call agents can now give automated campaigns a personal touch,” stated Dave Bethers, Vice President of Sales. “This flexibility can make the difference between successfully contacting a customer and foregoing that opportunity.”

Surpassing “great” to reach for “fantastic,” TCN also enables call center managers to upload manual call reports—automatedly. Further, TCN records all calls between agents and customers, whether initiated in an automated campaign or through the Manual Dialing component. This omnibus recording ensures TCN clients are compliant with any state or federal laws and improves call agent training.

TCN offers free testing of its virtual call center technology, including Manual Dialing. Start your free demo here.

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