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TCN Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation, Success and Growth in The Contact Center Industry

St. George, Utah – September 17, 2019 – TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, today celebrates 20 years of innovation and growth. Founded in 1999 on then-emerging Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, TCN has been an industry leader in developing cloud-based contact center software. From outbound to inbound and blended calls, TCN has rapidly evolved its technology to include advanced features, such as business intelligence, interactive voice response systems and automated voice messaging systems to its comprehensive contact center platform. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, TCN serves more than 2,000 enterprise customers globally across a multitude of industries, including BPOs, collections, newspaper, education, healthcare, automotive, political, customer service and marketing.

Over the past five years, TCN has released a myriad of innovative features and services to its contact center suite, including speech analytics, business intelligence, workforce optimization and various omnichannel outreach tools. On a mission to streamline regulations and compliance, TCN recently launched Natural Language Compliance, an intuitive tool designed to help users automate compliance and minimize risk as state and federal rules and regulations continue to change over time. Throughout its company history, TCN has been a strong advocate for more transparency and better communication from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and contact center operations.

 “From the beginning, TCN always has and always will be a creatively innovative company,” said Jesse Bird, co-founder and chief technology officer at TCN. “TCN has a longstanding tradition of recognizing problems in the market, developing solutions and delivering those solutions before our customers realize the need.”

For two decades, TCN has remained a profitable, private business that has never had to raise capital or seek outside investments. With company revenue steadily increasing year-over-year, TCN has successfully relied on its profit margins for long-term sustainable growth. In 2015, TCN strategically acquired Global Connect, another leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, further expanding TCN’s market reach among accounts receivable management (ARM), telecommunications, hotels and casinos, healthcare, retail and utility companies. Then in 2016, TCN announced ClearTouch, a new subsidiary in India, aiming to disrupt India’s contact center industry by empowering businesses to transform on-premises-based infrastructure into a cloud-based system with its advanced contact center platform. TCN’s products and services are available world-wide with rapid expansion in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Europe.

“As a leader in the communications industry since 1999, TCN is uniquely positioned to help any business attract, maintain and communicate with its customers well into the future,” said Terrel Bird, co-founder and CEO of TCN. “As TCN continues to gain momentum and grow internationally, we will remain committed to finding new, innovative ways to expand our technology offerings to better service our customers.”

Ahead of 2020, TCN will continue its tradition of innovation and adaptation, developing new features and services to present to the market such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, to name a few. With no contracts or start-up fees, TCN’s scalable technology can be easily integrated with other solutions to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

To learn more about TCN and its products and services, visit here.

About TCN:

TCN is a leading provider of cloud contact center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call center users with a highly affordable delivery model, ensuring immediate access to robust call center software technology, such as predictive dialer, IVR, call recording, and business analytics required to optimize operations and adhere to TCPA regulations. Its “always-on” cloud delivery model provides customers with immediate access to the latest version of the TCN solution, as well as the ability to quickly and easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. TCN serves various Fortune 500 companies and enterprises in multiple industries including newspaper, collection, education, healthcare, automotive, political, customer service, and marketing. For more information, visit  or follow on Twitter @tcn.

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