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Make the Switch to the Cloud | Part 2

Getting Your Business Running on the Cloud in One Day: Three Easy Steps Part 2

In our last post, we talked about how switching to a cloud dialer system won’t slow down your business, if you do it the right way! After you have prepared your business for the switch, you are ready for step two!

Step 2: Test the system, train your employees

If you’ve decided to switch to a cloud dialer system, then you’ll want to make sure the system works with your particular business. Once you’ve picked a system that seems right for your business, like the TCN virtual call center, you’ll be able to start your tests.

  • Pick a test group. Don’t use the most tech-savvy members of your team. Instead, use people who will normally be using the system to test it out.
  • Use a practice test first. Don’t test the new system on real transactions or tasks yet. Practice tests will help your test group identify glitches and problems in the system.
  • Once these problems have been resolved, test out the system with real transactions and tests.
  • If the system works with these real transactions and tests, you’re ready to train your other employees. Have the test group train the other employees. The test group can assist the other groups of employees as they learn the system.
  • Run parallel for a while. Use both the old system and the new cloud system for a couple of weeks to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Although this may require some extra work in the first few weeks, it will guarantee you a backup in case of problems with the new system and it will help your company to adjust.

Switching to a new cloud dialer system is a great investment for your business. Although the new system will initially require some extra work it will quickly make your business more efficient. These tips were provided by this article on Open Forum.

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