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Recapping the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association Annual Conference 2017

At the first Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association (GLCCA) Annual Conference last May, credit and collection professionals gathered to discuss several relevant topics. One concerned compliance on both regional and national levels. George Buck, President Emeritus of Frost-Arnett, shared insights about his beloved topic: the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Other experts, including John McNamara, Greg Borton and a panel of lawyers, delivered thoughts on debt collection and compliance response plans.

The conference was an intimate gathering of approximately 75 individuals, which allowed for more in-depth networking and detailed product demonstrations. TCN, for example, showcased TCN Platform 3.0. TCN representatives also attended receptions and sessions to learn and speak with people involved in the collections profession.

Regional and National Compliance

Everyone who works in customer service, collections, or related activities cites concerns about federal regulations and compliance. Such rulings, typically from the FCC and FCA, often bring broad and sweeping changes to communications and collections practices. However, each region features its own regulatory concerns.

The GLCCA Annual Conference covered aspects of regulations and compliance, giving attention to the states of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Regulators from each state shared updates and ongoing debates about existing standards and regulations. The information was valuable to people working in collections and third-party vendors like TCN that provide platforms and services to collections agencies.

Compliance and Accounts Receivable Management

George Buck led a session about regulations affecting the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry as a whole. He then shared information healthcare providers need to know to increase collections and remain compliant.

His expertise in both areas is well known. Since stepping down from Frost-Arnett, Buck focused on advocating for the ARM industry and increased his speaking engagements. He also continued to follow the healthcare industry and its relationship with ARM in order to provide guidance about regulations and compliance. TCN’s representatives attended this session to not only hear from an established thought leader but also learn more about the regulations affecting ARM and healthcare.

Compliance and Response

A final session at the GLCCA Conference consisted of a panel of attorneys. Collections agencies understand the need for compliance but may not always know the best methods for reaching that goal. TCN attended this panel to gain some practical tips and know-how for those working within the heavily regulated ARM and healthcare markets in order to better serve their clients.

If you attended the GLCCA, we hope you visited TCN. But if you couldn’t make it for an in-person demo, request one online. TCN’s team would be more than happy to demonstrate the platform and the features relevant to your contact center, collections agency, or customer service department.

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