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Due to Client Request, TCN Offers Manual Dial Only Platform TCPA

St. George, Utah—In light of recent developments involving the TCPA, TCN is pleased to deliver additional services that meet the requests by its clients and the call center industry concerning the ability to contact customers via cell phones.

“TCN is proud to announce a separate Manual Dial Only platform for cell phones that is incapable of ‘predictive dialing’, that can only dial a number with human intervention, and that provides 100% call recording,” said Dave Bethers, VP of Sales at TCN. “This platform combines what our customers are looking for; the ability to follow regulatory restrictions, while maintaining the highest levels of agent performance, efficiency, and overall productivity.”

TCN has always led in call center technology and was one of the first cloud technologies to allow our clients to seamlessly identify cell phones and prohibit calls to be placed to those telephone numbers while continuing to dial landlines with full predictive dialer capability. With this new Manual Dial Only platform, TCN clients can take these identified cell phones and let their agents manually call them.

Some of TCN’s features are:

  • Cell phone scrub on the block assignments as well as scrubbing on ported landlines – as an authorized Neustar Reseller – updated on a daily basis.
  • TCPA compliant Manual dialed calls on completely separate call engines.
  • Agent manual confirmation/verification, allowing or even requiring call agents to manually type in the number before a call is placed.
  • Preview dialing enables agents to view the call history of the business or contact being dialed before connecting the call. It improves the quality of the customer interaction and keeps call agents on task.

To learn more about these and other features, and how you can take advantage of a free no obligation demo, please contact TCN at or by calling 866.745.1900.

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