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TCN Monthly Recap – November 2020

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

TCN releases a new internal chat feature, Room 303, that will help bring contact center communication to a new level. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, call centers are learning to cope with being more flexible and are beginning to notice rising trends in different technologies. TCN also offers advice for keeping your organization at the top with compliance and efficient tools.

Industry Trends

Take a look at everything you need to stay up to date with recent call center industry trends, all in one place.

Meet TCN’s Room 303: New Internal Chat Feature

Room 303 is one of TCN’s latest platform updates designed to ensure seamless communications for both agents and managers. TCN’s CFO, Jesse Bird, shared with SubPrime how Room 303 benefits call center collaborations worldwide.

There has been a high demand for an internal chat application feature, and that has only increased in the wake of COVID-19. Room 303 is built into the TCN software directly, and provides a way for convenient collaboration between agents and managers. Key benefits of Room 303 include:

  • Shared Rooms and Conversations
  • Reduced Interruptions
  • Centralized Work
  • Better Customer Service

Call Center Technology: The Future is Flexibility 

It is becoming known that more and more organizations have developed a fondness of the work from home (WFH) model. So much so, that a recent study stated that nearly 75% of customer service leaders expect to expand WFH efforts post-pandemic. Companies that embrace the coming changes will be able to reap the many benefits of implementing more WFH into their organization. By doing so, companies can experience cost savings, increased innovation, and performance. It is looking like call centers will be able to explore many more flexible options in the future.

Call Center Features That Are Rising During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge of interest for omnichannel cloud-based features. Call center industry experts weigh in on how call center technology is adapting and changing the conversation. When many companies were not even using a cloud solution at the time of the WFH transition, there were challenges getting employees set up and running. Contact center technologies that enable agents to work efficiently from home have become increasingly more popular during the pandemic. Only time will tell how these trends will continue to play out.

New TCN Resources

Along with providing industry-leading cloud-based technology for call centers, TCN provides countless insights and resources available to all. Whether it’s strategies for improving efficiency, TCPA updates, or a recent feature release you don’t want to miss, TCN has you covered. Take a look at recent blogs from this past month.

Press Release: TCN Software Helps ‘Beyond Vision’ Increase Employment

The month of October is dubbed Blindness Awareness Month and focuses on shining a spotlight on the blind and visually impaired community. TCN saw it fitting to celebrate its recent accomplishment with a partner. Beyond Vision, a company that focuses on providing employment to the visually impaired, was signed on to a 40-seat contract with the state of Wisconsin. Using TCN’s VocalVision software, Beyond Vision was able to increase the number of job opportunities for visually impaired workers by over 400%. 

How TCN’s Predictive Dialer Gives You An Edge

Gone are the days of call center agents manually dialing thousands of numbers that lead to little to no success. Agents’ time must be spent on the phone with the people that matter most — your customers. With TCN’s Predictive Dialer, agents can utilize their time by only handling calls that are connected to a customer. Additionally, the Predictive Dialer also helps reduce compliance risk with tools such as Do Not Call (DNC) Lists and call notes. Implementing the feature into your contact center can boost productivity and efficiency.

 3 Ways TCPA Law Can Improve Call Center Efficiency 

TCPA Law continually changes and your organization must stay up-to-date. Not only does compliance keep you safe from possible penalties, but keeps your contact center efficient and prepared for the days ahead. There are multiple benefits of complying with TCPA regulations, including the fact that doing so can also improve your call center efficiency. This can be done by not forgetting the small acts of compliance that help keep your organization on track. Additionally, understanding the importance of customer confidentiality and ensuring agents are well-trained in TCPA rules can benefit everyone. TCN provides numerous features and tools that help your call center stay compliant and efficient.

TCN offers a variety of innovative technology to best fit your contact center needs. Offering 24/7 support and a seamless integration ensures a positive experience for everyone. Learn more about what TCN can do for your contact center today. Request a free demo now.

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