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Regulation F Compliance with Natural Language Compliance

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Natural Language Compliance is a fully integrated part of TCN’s robust Compliance Suite. This tool enables contact centers and compliance managers to create and add customizable rules that fit the compliance needs of any ongoing campaign. Natural Language Compliance helps users automate compliance and minimize risk as state and federal requirements continue to change.

With updates such as Regulation F, changing regulations, rulings and enforcement — with costly penalties for non-compliance — it is essential to have a comprehensive compliance suite of tools.

It can be challenging and exhausting for contact centers to stay up-to-date with the latest provisions. As compliance is critical to contact centers’ overall success and profitability, TCN’s Natural Language Compliance can easily optimize and deploy existing compliance rules to assist agents in their outreach. Managers can create rules that keep their operations within the bounds of the 7-in-7 ruling, limitations on early/late calls and restricted zip codes. 

Key benefits of Natural Language Compliance include:

  • Natural Rule Creation – Eases a call center’s ability to generate and edit new rules, saving time and effort.
  • Automates compliance through customized rule sets
  • Allows users to filter campaigns based on a variety of criteria
  • Scalable – Suitable for businesses of all sizes with a pay-per-use pricing structure.
  • Unlimited Rule Creation – Gives managers the ability to create and establish as many rules as needed to deploy effective and legal outreach campaigns.
  • Rule Sets – Allows managers to assign rule sets to various campaigns or subsets of communication channels, enabling agents to manage several different outreach campaigns with varying rules at one time.

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