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How To Ensure Competitive Advantage With Virtual Call Center Software

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This past year, call centers have realized one thing. To stay on top of customer expectations and agent efficiency, switching to a virtual call center software platform is the next step to ensure further success. This switch has been seen as inevitable as all industries realize the potential of cloud-based solutions. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Forbes projected that by 2020, 25% of customer service operations would use virtual customer assistants like chatbots, up from 2% in 2017. Regardless of circumstances, TCN is committed to providing industry-leading solutions to customers worldwide. 

Your call center has the potential to virtually lead the pack with TCN’s ultimate call center suite — TCN Operator. Here is how your call center can virtually gain a competitive advantage with call center software. 

Lead with Omnichannel Communications

Call centers have the opportunity to control communications all in one place. In today’s space, mediums such as live chat, mobile SMS, and notifications are just a few of the ways customers want to be reached. This allows call center agents to have an engaging experience with customers on a medium they prefer. 

Integrate and Automate With Ease

Call center software isn’t what it used to be. There is a new holistic approach for further automation and integration opportunities for call centers of all sizes. With smooth cloud-based integration, all the puzzle pieces fit instead of getting fumbled. 

It speeds up your data transfers and leaves your customer with a better experience. Eliminating the need to pass information between agents manually improves efficiency and performance. 

Find out how one of TCN’s customers has experienced a competitive advantage with integrated infrastructure: 

“We reached out to more than 40 hosted contact center solutions providers, and TCN was the only provider that offered easy API integration to all CRM platforms used in multiple industries. We are excited about this partnership that enables our agents to extend their reach across the market and offers a highly competitive solutions package to existing and prospective customers.”

Carmine Yodice | MPG Management Associates, Corp. 

Ensure that your call center is gaining a competitive edge — no matter how hard it may seem. That’s why TCN Operator call center software is built with you in mind. As technological advancements come and evolve, TCN’s call center software is here to help you along the way. 

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