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10 Reasons Business Intelligence is a Perfect Call Center Investment

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In a poll of 2,800 CIOs, business intelligence (BI) and analytics were ranked the #1 investment in 2015. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be now—there’s no time like the present to invest in BI for your call center if you want to gain and keep a competitive edge in the industry.

Here are ten great reasons to invest in this growing field right now:

1. Faster Reporting

There’s no need to spend time and resources collecting, organizing and sifting through vast quantities of data when you’ve got good BI tools at work. A cloud-based BI platform can automate the flow of information from the moment of capture to the final report, so you get the information you need faster without slogging through spreadsheets.

2. Better Reporting

Speed isn’t everything if it comes at the cost of quality, but with BI, you can have your cake and eat it too. Good analytics don’t just show you the information you ask for, they also use data mining tools to discover new trends and <a href=”http://provide you with the information you need before you know you need it (think anomaly detection!).

3. Improved Visibility

When there’s no central system organizing the flow of your data, things can get lost in the digital mix. Key pieces of data that might substantially skew results can be improperly labeled, leading to major headaches down the line. A strong analytics system tied directly into your business software can prevent things from falling through the cracks.

4. Keep Analytics In House

Why spend thousands of dollars hiring consultants and outsourcing your analytics to third-party firms when you can easily keep those resources within your company? Even better, when you run your own analytics, you can change your queries or reporting parameters on the fly and run as many reports as you want without worrying about implementation costs adding up.

5. Convincing Storytelling

You want to be able to tell your clients what they want to hear and to be able to back your story up with hard data. Good BI integration puts the information you need at your fingertips and helps you to shape compelling, data-based narratives that help you communicate clearly and powerfully with your clients.

6. Understand your Team’s Processes

Using BI to track internal success metrics can help you see what’s working and what’s not in real time. You’ll be able to supplement your supervisors’ qualitative reviews of team performance with hard data that can be used to verify their claims and help shape your training systems.

7. Improve your Self-Evaluations

With BI, not only will you be able to evaluate your team on the phones, you’ll also gain valuable insight into the efficacy of your managers’ evaluation systems. You can use analytics and reporting on your own evaluations to standardize expectations and keep performance growth strong and steady.

8. Know What Works and What Doesn’t

With BI you can tell right away which strategies are having the greatest impact and understand what actions can be taken immediately to implement those strategies. Likewise, you’ll be able to tell quickly and correctly if something isn’t working. There’s no need to wait for quarterly evaluations or end of project reviews to find out what’s working the best.

9. Keep Ahead of the Curve

With so many companies focusing on BI adoption in 2015, can you afford to be left behind? This is sure to be the year that cements business intelligence as one of the new key tools behind the most successful, healthy businesses. Keep your team up to speed by working BI into your organization and making sure your staff is trained to make the most of it.

10. BI Goes Beyond ROI

Good implementation of business intelligence tools can have such a wide reaching effect that traditional ROI calculations fail to account for it. The more you know about every aspect of your business, the better suited you are to steer it in the right direction.

For more information on how to work smarter with business intelligence solutions for the modern call center, check out our Top 10 List When Considering a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution whitepaper.

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