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TCN Unveils New Website to Keep Pace with Feature Growth

Running a nimble and innovative technology company can be a lot like caring for a gaggle of growing children: one must constantly buy new clothes to accommodate gangly and growing limbs. In this analogy, the clothes are a company’s website.

The analogy holds: like clothes, a website should accurately portray its owner’s personality. It should pay proper respect to the prevailing styles. And it should keep up with all the physical and intangible changes since the last round of “shopping.”

While releasing market-leading web-based Virtual Call Center technology that includes SoftPhone, Intelligent Skills-Based Routing, and Blended Outbound and Inbound, TCN has been hard at work to make sure its appearance matches its inner beauty.

The new site more logically presents TCN’s leading SaaS and API technology and how clients can utilize it within the Automotive, Association, Collections, Marketing, Newspapers, Politics/Government, Schools, and Software Companies verticals. It provides separate log in portals for agents and management. It improves the agent, manager, and reporting interfaces.

Most importantly, the new website continues to deliver TCN’s next generation call center technology, on demand, at incredibly low per-minute rates. Hardware, software, and seat licenses are a thing of the past. You have outgrown them; come try on the most effective, and most stylish, call center technology available. TCN offers free testing to all takers.

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