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Monthly Recap TCN

TCN Monthly Recap – January 2021

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Over the past month, organizations have begun to think more about the coming new year. After a wild year, sometimes the only thing left to do is just look to the future with hope and begin making plans for what’s to come. Taking a look at the industry trends from the month of December gives insight into what 2021 might be like.

The Evolution of Customer Service

Much of the focus for call centers is how customer service is changing and what it will be in the year 2021. Customers are the drive behind the business, which is why it’s important to know what to expect and how to best deliver service to customers.

New research has found trends that show how customer service expectations have changed during 2020. Studies show that consumers expect “better customer service” during the pandemic and many expect to continue online shopping after the pandemic. 

Additionally, many people have experienced stress and anxiety in 2020 which could influence why younger consumers value empathy in customer service more than other generations. These insights are interesting because understanding how the modern consumer’s expectations have changed is key to delivering the best service.

Feel-Good Industry Highlight: A Black-owned company set up a call center in a Dallas neighborhood that had been written off as having no future. Although the business could have gone anywhere, it chose to provide jobs to the specific neighborhood because the area and people needed it most. The CEO of the company shared, “Our primary focus is to address the issue of economic mobility, creating opportunities in under-resourced communities.” The overall goal is to bring 10,000 jobs to communities with a significant Black population. The efforts of the new call center location are helping improve the economy and quality of life for employees, with hopes of continuing to do so throughout the years.

After understanding how the modern consumer has evolved, it’s important to establish trust between your business and customers. A few key ways to skyrocket customer trust are by making sure you deliver on promises, increase exposure, and improve customer service. Doing so, helps your customers get to know your organization better and feel comfortable giving you their business.

Tactics for providing better customer service in the new year can help set your contact center on the right track. Making sure you have the best software solutions will help your call center build resilience. Supporting a flexible workforce along with upskilling agents with coaching and training helps benefit those in and outside your organization. 
Staying on top of the trends and strategies for providing top-tier customer service can make or break your business. Stay in-the-know with TCN’s updates and resources. Request a demo today to learn more about how to keep your customer service at the top of the competition.

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