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Call blocking, call labeling, STIR/SHAKEN by TCN

Phone Number Registration


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Protect your business from being improperly classified as Fraud or Scam through registration of your phone numbers and the certification of your organization as a trusted caller.

Connect with more customers by telling the network it’s you calling.

Register your numbers across the ecosystem with NumeraList to identify your legal ownership of the numbers and your valid calling intent. This aggregated platform provides coverage across the Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile wireless networks as well as the top call blocking/labeling apps, such as YouMail and Hiya.

Protect your brand by establishing trust in your calls.

Certify your Trusted Entity status across the ecosystem with NumeraCert to verify call compliance and establish trust in your brand. By proactively identifying your organization as a trusted calling party, you are able to prevent “Scam” and “Fraud” labels from being associated with calls originating from your brand.

Review monthly labeling summaries and easily manage new phone number registrations

1. Engage in ongoing monitoring and tracking of your phone numbers through Monthly Health Check and Risk Rating summaries of changes to number labeling and risk perception

2. Edit, add, or remove phone numbers from your registration list via our online portal

One source for Registration and Certification across the ecosystem

TCN, through Numeracle, offers a single source for visibility and control, delivering Certification and Registration across the top four carriers and their partner analytics engines, plus participating app providers to provide one combined view of call labeling data across the ecosystem. This end-to-end solution offers the ability for legal call originators to proactively prevent Scam and Fraud labels from being associated with their phone numbers and offers a centralized path to engage in the ongoing monitoring and remediation of call delivery challenges resulting from the continued evolution of the call blocking and labeling ecosystem.

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