call center analytics

Apr 06, 2020

Time to Eat Market Share: Call Center Analytics with Spice, Please!

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Sure, every executive wants their company to grow and prosper. Of course, not every executive gets what they want… So, what does it take for any given company to grow and gain market share? Clayton Christensen, the author of the influential Innovator’s Dilemma, said, “When you improve your product so it does the customer’s job […]

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call center software

Mar 26, 2020

Using Outbound Call Center Software for Superior Customer Relationships

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Delivering an outstanding product has always been key to success, but today’s consumer no longer focuses only on price. They want ease, personalization, and speed. In a crowded competitive landscape, call centers can stand out by delivering a delightful experience with a few simple call center platform features. Today we’ll dig into these tools and […]

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