May 08, 2019

The Top 3 Call Center Compliance Lawsuits to Follow in 2019

Posted In: Compliance Author: TCN

Lawsuits don’t just affect those involved… They can have ripple effects on businesses in the entire industry. Like LaCroix being accused of false marketing for claiming their water is “natural” when it may contain ingredients that are used in insecticides. This can call into question the use of the word “natural” on other beverages from […]

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TCPA Compliance

Nov 09, 2018

Training for Call Center Compliance; 7 Regulations Managers Need to Know

Posted In: Collections, Compliance, Privacy & Data Security Author: TCN

1. Call Centers Cannot Record the CVV2 Number on Credit Cards According to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), all call centers are prohibited from recording CVV2 numbers along with other sensitive data such as full magnetic stripe data and pin numbers. This rule applies to written information along with recorded calls or […]

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increase agent productivity

Apr 03, 2017

Five Takeaways from ACA International Spring Forum and Expo

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Collections, Compliance, Strategy Author: Mckay Bird

Our Executive Account Manager Mike Gray recently attended the ACA International Spring Forum and Expo in Las Vegas. He came back with all sorts of ideas gleaned from the forum’s keynotes and breakout sessions. He also returned with some takeaways. A few were surprises. Others were expected. Regardless, all affect call center operations specifically and […]

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