Mar 18, 2020

Critical (But Honest) Call Center KPIs from Collections to Sales

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Peter Drucker, visionary business consultant and “the founder of modern management,” said it best: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” So how can executives and managers best measure total operational success, and what do they measure? Today, we’re take a big-picture overview, breaking down critical call center KPIs from collections to sales. […]

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Feb 13, 2020

Call Center BI Solutions: Understanding High and Low Metrics

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So much rides on the impression a customer is left with after their experience with a contact center, be it sales, reviews or a healthy long-term relationship. To underline this fact, Microsoft recently uncovered that 61% of people broke ties with a business after an awful service experience. And service expectations continue to rise – […]

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Call Center KPI Hero w Cape

Dec 11, 2019

Track These Call Center KPIs to Reveal Agents’ Superhero Powers

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Who has ever heard the saying, “You can’t measure what you don’t track?” It’s true for many aspects of life and even more applicable in the call center industry. As agents work diligently to solve their problems efficiently and effectively, the temptation for managers to stand behind their agents and not-so-subtly micromanage each moment must […]

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image of call center KPI

Jul 30, 2019

Call Center KPIs: The Metrics that Reveal Dead Air

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We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Customers hate waiting. One survey showed that two-thirds of customers are only willing to wait for 2 minutes or less. 13% said that “no wait time is acceptable.” And just like customers hate being put on hold… Call center managers hate it when there’s dead air. When […]

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call center kpi tools and tricks

Feb 01, 2019

Every Call Center KPI That Matters

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Want a high-functioning call center? Then measure KPIs. Without KPIs call centers have few metrics to measure performance. Without business intelligence and proper management strategies, improvement in call centers can fizzle out. But with call center KPIs, they’re able to improve agent performance, decrease costs, increase customer satisfaction, and overall enhance productivity. Plus, KPIs help […]

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