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TCN Response to Preventing COVID-19 In The Workplace

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Preventing COVID-19 In The Workplace

Learn to protect yourself and your community from getting and spreading respiratory illnesses like coronavirus 2019. Everyone has a role to play in getting ready and staying healthy. TCN has provided in each office extra cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread. Additionally, our cleaning staff will be disinfecting high traffic areas in all office locations more often as a precaution.

TCN is actively monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19 and we don’t foresee any scenario at this time that would adversely affect the delivery of TCN services.
Additional guidance on COVID-19 can be found at TCN is making the following recommendations to stay healthy in the workplace.

Stay Home If…

If you are sick or show symptoms of flu or other respiratory illness like COVID-19, please stay home and take precautions as outlined on the CDC website. TCN will provide flexibility to those that are sick during this time. Notify your manager or human resources to ensure proper notification.

Practice Good Hygiene

Clean hands often with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60-95% alcohol or with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the restroom. Use soap and water preferentially if hands are visibly dirty.

Disinfect surfaces often such as desk, keyboard, phone, or other areas you touch often. This should be practiced at home, work, and other places where you visit and spend time. Be sure to use cleaning wipes as instructed.

Travel Policy and Group Meetings

Nonessential work-related travel has been reduced and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Where possible, avoid large gatherings and large conference meetings where these could be done via over the phone or video conferencing.

Reduce handshakes, personal interactions, large lunches, after-work parties, and other work-related activities. If the need arises, we will implement a work-from-home policy but as of now, we are operating under our normal work protocol.

Other Precautions

Employees who have household members or house guests who have recently traveled to China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Iran, and Italy with flu-like symptoms do not come to work. You must notify human resources, self-isolate, exercise precautionary measures and call the local health authorities immediately. Returning back to work will depend on 14-days symptom-free and the advice from your medical care provider.

Employees who have recently traveled from anywhere other than the countries mentioned above without any flu-like symptoms will not be subject to precautionary measures and should return to work as planned.

Additional Information on Business Continuity

TCN has practiced and planned for natural disasters and emergencies such as COVID-19. And with the recent developments, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan which provides the ability for all employees to work from home in the event that access to TCN offices is limited.

Additional guidance can be found at If you have any questions, please contact your manager or TCN Human Resources at 800-218-6590.

TCN Clients May Utilize At-Home-Agents

For clients looking for alternative working options for their employees, TCN clients using Agent Gateway can easily set up and deploy the TCN system to work with at-home-agents to limit any disruption to call center operations. For more information on how to set up at-home-agents, please reach out to your TCN account representative or call 866-745-1900.

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