Jul 24, 2013

Top 10 Technology Companies in 2013

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If you ask the general public what the top technology companies of 2013 are going to be, you can bet that they will give very similar responses. The most well-known technology companies are Microsoft and Apple. They have the name brand that everyone recognizes, but are they really the best technology companies that are in […]

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Jul 19, 2013

Automotive Repair Shop Phone Solutions with TCN

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TCN can provide your company with automotive repair shop solutions. We can provide services such as automated message delivery, call transfers, surveys, and much more. Automated message delivery can be extremely helpful in the automotive business. The service can deliver a pre-recorded message to many customers at one time. The system can be used to […]

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Jul 15, 2013

Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConv

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For those attending the #ACAConv 2013 ACA International Credit and Collections Conference in San Diego, this post is for you. In most cases, your first contact with a debtor is your best chance to collect on the debt. For this reason, you should have the best agents and the tools necessary to make the most […]

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Jul 12, 2013

CFPB Field Hearing on Debt Collection Practices

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Did you miss the CFPB live hearing? Check our the replay below:   If you have questions about how TCN’s Platform 3.0 Virtual Call Center Dialer can help you stay compliant with changing laws please call, email, or click to chat today to speak with a TCN representative. Contact Us Direct: 866.745.1900 Email: sales@tcnp3.com

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Jul 10, 2013

Inbound Call Business Solutions

Posted In: Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Inbound Author: TCN

If your business is looking for a new way to assist your customers with sales, order processing, billing, payments, or simply answering questions, you may be interested in inbound call centers. Depending on your budget for services, these call centers can be set up within your company, offsite, or even overseas to assist in handling […]

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Jul 09, 2013

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Posted In: Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Outbound Author: TCN

Outbound call centers can provide a wide variety of benefits to your company. Outbound call centers allow your company to be proactive in selling products, collections, customer care, and much more. The call center department can be outsourced anywhere in the world, depending on your budget, or can be onsite if you choose. These outbound […]

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Jul 02, 2013

Customer Service Made Easy with TCN

Posted In: Customer Service Author: TCN

Customer service is defined as the ability to provide service to your customers before, during and after a sale. If your business’ priorities include assisting your customers with sales, order processing, billing and payments, or simply answering questions, you may need to improve or expand your customer service department. Depending on the needs of your […]

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Jun 26, 2013

TCN and Debt$Net® Solidifies Partnership with New Offering

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TCN recently enhanced its partnership with Debt$Net® by introducing a tighter, more robust integration between both companies’ products. Some benefits of the new real-time integration are: Real-time updating of TCN dialer activity to Debt$Net® during the day (five minutes or less) Updates either Debt$Net® account result codes or account notes Integrated access to launch TCN […]

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